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One Step at a Time

The qualification gives young people an insight into the world of horses (equine). Prepare individuals to progress to a qualification in the same subject area, but at a higher level or requiring more specific knowledge, skills and understanding; Prepare learners for employment within the industry. The learner will be given the opportunity to do work experience. The course also encourages the young people in learning about an area of interest.

The young person will learn about how to keep the horse healthy by feeding, brushing and bathing it. How to manage the stables, put saddle, reigns and safety equipment on the horse.

By the end of the course the young person will be able to ride the horse around a basic course.

Know how to approach a horse in a box or stall, and be aware of safety

around horses.

Put on and fit a head collar.

Lead in hand in a head collar.

Tie a quick release knot.

Pick out feet and know what to look for.

Name 5 articles of the grooming kit and know their uses.

Know and point to 10 parts of the horse.

Know the colours of the horse and point out 5 different colours on your


Know what to do to a horse’s back after riding and why. Explain what

problems you would look for.

Untack a horse and demonstrate how to take the tack safely back to the

tack room, wash the bit and hang up bridle, store saddle on a saddle rack.

Discuss and name at least 5 things to check before using a field for horses.

Describe/demonstrate the safe method used when releasing a horse into a


Describe the safe method for catching a horse in a field.

Equine Courses Level 1 to 3: What We Do
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