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These boots were made for walking....back on a pathway to success

One of the support workers for our 'You Matter' students told us that her face 'lights up' whenever she is told she is coming to the farm to work on one of UCP's courses.

'She always gets her wellys ready by the door. Normally her face tells us that she doesnt want to go'

This is just what we want to hear when we see so many cases of young people that lack the confidence sometimes just to leave the house, let alone find a pathway back to self confidence, working with other and eventually a job.

'Her days at the farm have made such a difference and she has been more confident in getting her hands dirty. She doesnt normally like a mess. Now she wants to get 'hands on' with her day, make new things and make friends'

Do you know someone that needs help with getting their adult life started again? Tell them to get their boots on and contact Graham at UCP

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