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My personal shield

Do you have a personal shield? Have you ever thought about making one?

The young people who came on our 'You Matter' programme all have one, thanks to one of our facilitated workshops.

Still sat within the farmyard, in close proximity to the chickens, pigs and 'Digger' our springer spaniel, our students all created their own personal shields in under an hour. Unlike family shields, each quadrant represents an aspect of their life, their favourite things, what they enjoy and their aspirations for the future.

Once these shields were created they acted as a reminder throughout the rest of the course of where they are at the moment, and where they want to be. The next modules then followed a path where we begin to show our students how to realise their goals in the context of their personal likes and beliefs.

It was also great fun doing it together as a group as even the older teachers could find out a few new things about themselves.

We are on this journey with you.

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